Springville Rd Ridge Trail - Forest Park

Date: May 16, 2009
Distance: Aprox 2.9 miles
Elevation Gain: 700 ft
Time: 1.5 hours
Difficulty: Easy
Weather: Perfect!
Maps: I highly recommend The Forest Park Map Set for the best map of this area. Bring the whole set any time you set foot in Forest park. This hike is a variation on Map 6 of that collection. The Friends of Forest Park Area Map is available online, it's not the best, but a start.
My Route:

  1. From trail head, go around the locked gate at stay to the left to stay on Springville Rd. (This intersection is either unmarked, or the sign isn't obvious, Left is Springville Rd, Strait is Fire Lane 7)
  2. Springville Rd to Leif Erikson Dr. (again, either unmarked or not obviously marked. Leif Erikson is wide and flat, another former road, not a narrow footpath)
  3. South (Right) on Leif Erikson to Hardetsty Trail
  4. West (Right) on Hardesty Trail to Wildwood
  5. South (Left) on Wildwood to Ridge Trail
  6. South(Right) on Ridge Trail to Fire Lane 7
  7. West (Right) on Fire Lane 7 to trail head.

I have to admit that this isn't the hike we'd set out to do. We'd planned to do the Trilliam-Hardesty Loop listed in Portland Forest Hikes: Twenty Close-In Wilderness Walks (Hike #4). We'd been hiking around here before, so we just set off in the direction we'd gone in the past, not checking that it was the trail we'd planned to take. As it turns out, we were off the planned hike before we even started! Thayer's book is about useless as far as maps go and we soon realized we were on the Leif Erikson, which is not even included on the maps in the book, and we didn't have the trusty Forest Park Map Set with us! Classic mistake, luckily we're familiar enough with Forest Park to improvise a new route.

We had a nice time on this easy, quiet and scenic route. There were a few other hikers and a couple mountain bikers, but it was not crowded in the least, despite being an awesome sunny May day. We took our time, taking photos of flowers and trees and the ruins of an old stone building on Leif Erikson Dr near the junction with Springville Rd.

Overall this was very easy. I can easily recommend it for beginners. Hardesty and Ridge trails each had a bit of a climb, but nothing too strenuous. This is perfect for a close-in quick hike, maybe even an after-work workout for folks who work near downtown or NW Portland.

Trail Head:

View PDX Day Hiker in a larger map There are no facilities at the trail head.
What I said about these trails before: Springville Road Hikes, Forest Park Hikes
Other resources for this and other nearby hikes:
Forest Park Map Set Map #6
Forest Park Conservatory
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Portland Forest Hikes: Twenty Close-In Wilderness Walks Hikes #4 &# 6 I hate the maps in this book!

Overall: ★★★★

Have you been on this or a nearby trail? Please share your experience.

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