A Walk in the Woods

I was kind of worried that A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail would make me want to hike the Appalachian Trail. Not only do I not have the time or money for such an adventure, but I don't have the temperament for long-term backpacking, and I'm willing to admit that. There is a reason I call my blog PDX Day Hiker, I much prefer sleeping in my own bed than in a tent. And while I don't mind peeing in the woods once or twice a in a day, I don't want to do it for a week straight and I do enjoy washing my hands occasionally. Thankfully, Bill Bryson's candor about the difficulties of the route was more than enough to keep any longing for a long hike at bay. I am inspired by the idea of hiking every day. I'd love to take a staycation and just go hiking every day and return home each evening. Or maybe rent a cabin at the coast or on Hood or something.

I'm really intrigued now at the idea of the Appalachian mountains. I've never been that far east, and my Northwest mind knows what a mountain looks like and has always considered everything east of the Rockies to be flat. I suppose a trip out to Maine or Vermont is in order one of these days.

Best quote from the book:

A moose is a cow drawn by a three-year-old.
Bryson's humor cracks me up at times and I highly enjoyed reading A Walk in the Woods. I'm fully impressed with anyone who even attempts such a long hike and I'd love to hear from folks who've done it. Have you hike the AT? Or read A Walk in the Woods?

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