Black and Blue

Last night I banged up my knee.

This is what happened: I was mountain biking at Lacamas Park and I ran my bike into a rock.

It wasn't one of those time where you think "hey there are these rocks in the trail, I wonder if I have the balance and skills to get across them". It was more like "hey, the trail turns really sharply and if you don't make the turn you run into that huge rock". I didn't make the turn. I wasn't going very fast, but it was fast enough that when my bike came to a full stop, my body kept moving forward. I banged my knee either against the frame of my bike, or against the rock. I'm not sure which.

At the time, it scared me. It hurt and my whole leg was shaky in that "I can't tell how serious this is so just hold still for a few minutes" kind of way. Within a few minutes I was riding again with no issues so I was reassured that I hadn't done any real damage. I was able to continue to ride and pretty much forget about it.

I did the usual RICE before bed and today it hurts! I'm pretty sure it's just bruised, no real joint injury, but damn. Ouch.

I've been really looking forward to hiking this weekend. I hope I'm up for it. I think I'll plan to go somewhere with a short option just in case I'm not feeling it.

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