Hike-a-thon 2009

I am participating in Washington Trails Association's Hike-a-thon this August.

Washington Trails Association is a great resource for hikers in Washington state. The do all kinds of trail related work. From their website:

Mission: Washington Trails Association's mission is to preserve, enhance, and promote hiking opportunities in Washington state through collaboration, education, advocacy and volunteer trail maintenance.
I've pledged to hike at least 40 miles. That's nothing compared to some of the other dedicated participants, but it's still going to be a stretch for me. That's an average of 10 miles each week. I'm not planning to take any time off work for hiking, so my weekends will be spent on the trails and I'll probably get some evening hiking in as well.

I expect I'll want some easier long hikes so I don't get burnt out with difficult hikes every single weekend. Also, I'll hike a few close-in trails on weekday evenings. I'm really looking forward to this! I'll be getting out on the trails, raising money for WTA and finding some more variety for the blog.

Here are some ways you can support WTA and their work
  • Sign up as a hike-a-thon participant
  • Support me or another hike-a-thon participant
  • Become a WTA member
  • Sign up for one of their many volunteer trail maintenance trips.
  • Check out their website and blog to learn more about WTA, trails, and efforts to protect back country areas

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