Hike-a-thon hero

Check out this post from another hike-a-thon'er. Matt from Ellensburg Alpine Runner was out trail running for hike-a-thon and came across a hiker in need of rescue. It's an amazing story.

I was silently running with a big running induced grin on my lips when I heard someone yell “HELP!” At first I thought it was a marmot chirping an echo off one of the headwalls above me, but it made me pause for a moment. I stopped, looking around as I jogged in place, and eventually my eyes came to rest upon the figure of a man about 200 feet below me lying on his back near a small collection of trees.

“Are you ok?” I asked, not even sure what I should expect in the way of answer.

“No, I need help.” The man below replied and I could tell that the effort of yelling was a strain.

Go read the whole thing and the comments.

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