Mid-month hike-a-thon update

I am participating in Washington Trails Association's Hike-a-thon this month.

So far, it's not really going as planned. I'd pledged to hike 40 miles and fully expected to do them all over the weekends. It's turned out that I've had other things going on every weekend day so far. And so I've only made it hiking 2 times, both times after work. The month is nearly 50% over but I'm still at only 26% of my hiking goal! I intend to be busy on the trails for the next two weeks.

This evening I was perusing blogs by some other hike-a-thoner's and came across this inspiring post from Amanda in Seattle. She was driving from Seattle to Portland, and instead of using her road trip as an excuse to not hike, she made a point to stop and see as many parks as she could between the two cities. Amanda managed to visit 6 different parks in a single day! Wow, I've made two trips up north so far this month and have another planned for this weekend and it never occurred to me to stop along the way. She's a good reminder that a hike doesn't have to be a thoroughly planned event. We don't need guide books and maps and route plans for everything. Sometimes, especially at well maintained state parks, the map at the trail head is sufficient for a quick walk. I'll be using Amanda's itinerary to plan at least a couple stops this weekend.

Here is a list of other hike-a-thon bloggers that I'm aware of. If you know of more, feel free to leave a comment!

Amanda from Seattle
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Crzydazy's Hiking Blog
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Lost in the Mind of a Tiffany
Angella's Hike-a-Thon 2009
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And of course there is Washington Trails Association's own blog, Signpost.

All my hike-a-thon posts are here. My fundraising page is here.

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  1. Coincidentally, I'm also at just over 25% of my donation goal as well. Maybe I'll see that rise as I build my miles.