Indian Point

Date: August 3, 2007
Distance: 7.6 miles
Elevation Gain: 2700 ft
Time: 4 hours
Difficulty: Difficult
Maps: Indian Point map on NW Hiker
My Route:

  1. From the trail head, follow the trail
  2. Turn left at a unsigned intersection
  3. At the sign, turn right to take the Gorton Creek trail.
  4. Keep an eye out for an unmarked trail (one time I've seen a cairn here, other times there has been no marker) leading out to the point. This trail gets narrower and scarier as it loses elevation toward Indian Point. My friends scramble out to the point, but it's too dangerous for my taste!
  5. Return to the Gorton Creek trail and continue a short way to the Ridge Cutoff Trail, turn right.
  6. Turn right on the Nick Eaton Ridge Trail
  7. Turn right onto the original trail, follow it to return to the campground
We started this hike a little late in the day, after taking a short work day. As a result it was getting a little dark by the time we got close the returning to the trail head. It was a good reminder why to always carry a light! We were walking pretty fast for the whole of the downhill trying to beat sunset. In the past, this route has taken me closer to 5 hours.

We'd taken the less-steep trail up and the steeper route down. The trek downhill felt remarkably steep. My knees were sore for a week from waking so quickly down the steep trail. In the future, I'll do this hike the other way around.

The view from Indian Point is great! The view of watching your boyfriend climb out onto the point, not so great. My heart was in my stomach. I'm don't have anything but a healthy respect for heights, no phobias or anything, and found that to be way way to dangerous for my taste. Please don't let your kids or pets or anyone clumsy out there!

Trail Head:

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Trail head is well marked in the Herman Creek Campground. Bathrooms and water at the campground.
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