Classic Hikes of the World

I checked out Classic Hikes of the World: 23 Breathtaking Treks from the library 3 months ago. So far I've renewed it 5 times and I will continue to renew it until they make me give it back! And then, I will drop $25 to get my own copy and it will live on my nightstand as there is no better way to end a tough day than to read one of these entries and fall asleep wondering about the airfare to Peru. I love this book.

Love the photos. Love the level of detail (enough to get you daydreaming about the plausibility and logistics, but not so much you don't want to bother to read it for leisure). Love the variety. Love that I could read a different hike each night.

I'm so incredibly inspired to travel, to backpack, to spend every last dollar and vacation hour I have working though these trips.

There are a few tips laid out in this book that I have made my goals.

  1. Short term: Grand Canyon. I was so excited I tried to make the Grand Canyon my 2009 vacation. I had plans to spend my 30'th birthday climbing from the Colorado River to the South Rim. Unfortunately, reservations are required 4 months out. So... Fall 2010= Grand Canyon.
  2. Longer term: Kilimanjaro. I will do a guided climb of Kilimanjaro. I don't know when, as it's not going to be cheap, but I will and it's my #1 travel priority. All travel and vacation between now and Kili will be of the lower-budget sort. Kili before anything else requiring a trans-continental flight. I'm thinking I should be able to save enough by 2012.
  3. In my lifetime: The West Coast Trail, Fitz Roy Grand Tour, Torres del Pain Circuit, The Royal Trek, Kalalau Trail, Routburn Track, Kungsleden (and more).

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