Changes to Cape Horn Trail

According to WTA, the forest service is in planning stages for improvements and changes to the Cape Horn trail in the gorge.

Recognizing the need to address demand for recreation and conserve the area’s natural resources, the Forest Service has embarked on a planning process to assess the environmental impacts of formalizing the trail and adding additional facilities, including parking, picnic sites, viewpoints, an ADA accessible segment, and two highway underpasses to allow safer access to the lower trail section.

The environmental assessment released earlier this month would not adopt the bootleg route, but rather re-route sections that would move the trail away from some of the cliff edge and out from behind the waterfall, and would close part of the trail for half the year. These changes are intended to increase hiker safety and minimize disturbance to sensitive flora and fauna.

I'm particularly happy to see that it will be safer to cross 14, although I can't imagine what kind of construction nightmare it will be to build tunnels there. Wouldn't it be easier to just paint some warning stripes on the road or something to warn drivers of hikers?

The changes will shut down the trail for up to half a year, so if you've been meaning to check out the awesome views, you might want to get on that!

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