Hoyt Arboretum to Pittock Mansion

Date: 12/26/09
Distance: 5.25 miles
Time: 2 hours
Difficulty: Easy
Weather: Cold and clear
Maps: Hoyt Arboretum map is online here. It doesn't show the full route to Pittock.
I highly recommend The Forest Park Map Set for the best map of this area. The Friends of Forest Park Area Map is available online, it's not the best, but a start.
My Route:
Starting at Mile 0 of the Wildwood trail.
I followed Wildwood through the arboretum to Pittock mansion, which is a little past the 3.75 marker.
Wandered around the mansion grounds, then returned on Wildwood to the arboretum.
Turned right on Creek Trail just before marker 2.75.
At intersection with a street, a subtle left onto Redwood trail
Continued strait on Fir trail to the visitor center.
Through the parking lot to the Holly trail and down to the parking area.
Notes: A nice but cold day in the park. Leave it to me to forget my hat! It was cold enough out that the few spots that looked muddy were actually frozen over.

Following Wildwood turned out to be a bit tricky right at the start, where the trails are not labeled, but they all intersect enough to eventually figure it out. I recommend stopping at the visitor center and picking up a map before beginning. I had brought along my full Forest Park map from the set, and I dropped it somewhere! I'm majorly bummed about that, and will likely buy a whole new set just to get that one map. When I realized it was gone, I at first thought I'd retrace my whole route on Wildwood to find it, but it was getting too late so I didn't. I ended up mapless and manage to find my way just fine using the park maps at major intersections of the trails. Of course, I'm sure it helped that I'm a regular in the arboretum.

The mostly flat route through the arboretum is just lovely. I love trees, so the I have a great time trying to identify them and using the labels to correct myself. The route does get steep leaving Hoyt and up a hill to Pittock mansion. The mansion was very crowded, probably everyone admiring the wonderful views on the clear day. I could see Rainer, St Helens, Adams and Hood!
Trail Head:

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Restrooms and water available at Visitor's center in the Arboretum.
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  1. Is that 5.25 miles round trip or one way??

  2. Never mind. Looks like the round trip distance from the description. :|