Winter access to Clark County Parks

Due to budget constraints, several parks and trails in Clark County, Washington will be closed to auto traffic and have limited facilities from January 1 to March 1. These include a few parks that have been reviewed here on PDX Day Hiker including Lacamas Lake, Hantwick Trail Head and Moulton Falls State Park.

From the City of Vancouver website

What does it mean to limit access to a regional park?
From Dec. 1 to March 1 (except for 2010), the gates will be locked, preventing cars from entering the main parking lots. However, pedestrians and bicyclists can still enter. No maintenance work will be performed, including mowing the grass and removing garbage. Playgrounds, and possibly picnic shelters, may be fenced to protect park users and reduce potential liability.

The following parks will have limited access each winter:

  • Lewisville Regional Park
  • Lucia Falls Regional Park
  • Moulton Falls Regional Park
  • Hantwick Road Trailhead parking lot (between Lucia and Moulton Falls parks)
  • Haapa Boat Launch
  • Daybreak Regional Park and Boat Launch
  • Vancouver Lake Regional Park
  • Frenchman's Bar Regional Park
  • Frenchman's Bar Trail parking lot (between Vancouver Lake and Frenchman's Bar parks)
  • Lacamas Lake Regional Park
  • Captain William Clark Regional Park at Cottonwood Beach

In 2010, the seasonal access restrictions will begin on Jan. 1, not Dec. 1.

More info:
City of Vancouver website
The Columbian

via World Hiker

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