Wildwood - Arboritum walk

Date: 4/10/11
Distance: 4ish miles
Time: 2.5 hours
Difficulty: Easy
Weather: Chilly and overcast and drizzling
Maps: Hoyt Arboretum map is online here.
My Route:
Starting at mile 0 of the Wildwood trail, follow Wildwood just over 3 miles to Burnside Rd.
Turn around, returning on Wildwood,
Right turn on White Pine and meander back to the parking area via White Pine, Hemlock and Wildwood trails.
I wouldn't really recommend this exact route. It was more of a guideline, than an actual route. We took some detours, wrong turns and a side trip to the restroom along the way. Our mission was to complete the southernmost section of the Wildwood trail to kick off the All Trails Challenge. Everything after that was extra.

It's early April and was a chilly drizzly day, which made for muddy trails and not too many people.

The trails in Hoyt Arboretum and confusingly signed. That doesn't much matter on a leisurely stroll in the the park, since it's pretty hard to get too lost. But we were on a mission to walk the full length of the Wildwood within the arboretum/Washington Park and so we had to do some back tracking to make sure we were on the correct trail.

Spring is springing in Hoyt Arboretum! Birds were singing, flowers (daffodils, trillium, azaleas) and trees (cherry, plum, magnolia) were blooming. And dog poop bags were everywhere. What is going on with the dog poop bags lately? Why do so many people leave them on the side of the trail? I just don't understand the logic of someone who is conscientious enough to pick up their dog's poo and then just leaves the bag sitting on the ground. It was shocking how many bags we saw.

Trail Head:

View PDX Day Hiker in a larger map
View PDX Day Hiker in a larger map

Restrooms and water available at Visitor's center in the Arboretum.
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This is part of my All Trails Challenge, a challenge to hike all the trails in Forest Park by October of 2011. The event is a fundraiser for The Forest Park Conservancy. Join the event or sponsor my team.
My ATC milage is now 3.06/80.97

Have you been on this or a nearby trail? Please share your experience.

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